Trolls Interactive Poppy Doll

Does your little girl love to sing with her toys and her friends, the Trolls movie and interactive dolls? Yes, well if so then this toy is THE Christmas gift for her. The Princess Poppy doll is totally lovable. She does not just sit in the shelf she can also be really played with and she plays along with the child too. She can talk, 25 phrases, and sing the songs from the film, so that your little girl can chat and sing with her. She gives great hugs too, and is a lively companion for a lively and loving child.
You get the doll and a Hug Time bracelet in the pack and the bracelet is used to connect with the doll. It will also light up the dolls bracelet and her hair, which is brushable. Your Poppy Troll brings the happiness of the Troll village along with her and keeps memories of the film alive so that the scenes can be replayed and recreated by your child,
The package includes the doll, dress, tiara, comb, and interactive bracelet. I am sure you know a little girl who would appreciate this gift. 😊

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