Baby’s First Christmas Teddy

Salli the Elf recommends:
My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear for Newborn – Soft Plush Toy (Blue or Pink)

Welcome to your first Christmas baby, I hope it will be a special time for you and your family.

Any grandparents about? Information for you follows.

One toy that no nursery should be without is a Teddy Bear, they have been hugely popular companions and presents for over a century. You might ask why is the Teddy Bear so important to a baby? Well, they have an extremely positive effect on babies’ health. Researchers say the Teddy becomes a transitional or comfort object to the baby. The presence of the Teddy with its familiar feel and smell eases stress and can provide security and confidence in new situations and alleviate anxiety in the child.

Look at its lovely round chubby face, a bear with round and chubby features is the best type of bear to have as it simulates the human face, infants even as young as new-borns prefer faces and face-like stimuli. The tendency to be attracted to faces increases with age, however, studies have suggested that babies may be able to recognize their   parents’ faces within days of birth. Attentiveness is another important feature as the bear should be looking at the child so a bear who can sit up and look straight at the baby is perfect for this feature.

The My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear is a perfect size for new-borns, at only 11 inches high and made from fantastic quality super soft plush fur, in the traditional brown colour. Your bear can be dressed in either pink or blue pyjamas so suitable for a boy or a girl. Never mind the colour, teddy bears are beneficial for your babies’ health.
Another great benefit of this cute toy is that you do not have to worry about sewn in eyes as the eyes are made from material and sewn on to the face of this little star gift. Grandparents nowadays who are looking for good value for money in their gifts cannot go wrong with this cute little one, at just £11.99 it will not break the bank.

Teddy bears are not only good for sleeping and cuddling they are the best companions a baby can have even from an early age. Give a My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear this Christmas and you give love for life.

While the general advice is not to leave soft toys in a crib or pram while baby sleeps, this little teddy will provide a comforting presence as the baby falls asleep and can easily be removed once sleep is established.