Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen Pretend Play Set -Top for imaginative playtimes

Could Father Christmas carry a whole kitchen on his sleigh? Well if he chooses the Melissa and Doug wooden play kitchen, the answer is yes.
This kitchen has all the basics, including the kitchen sink, which a child needs for kitchen play. The sink is removable and there is a refrigerator, cook top, oven, and best of all, a working timer. Once assembled, no more difficult to assemble than self-assembly furniture. the size is 93.5 x 74 x 40.5 cm. Freestanding and very sturdy. In fact, small children have been known to climb on it safely, I would not recommend this. 😊
It is a quality toy, in good bold colours and is a good height, so children using it will not have to stoop. Just add a child, some utensils and foods, and off they go.
Why have I chosen a play kitchen as one of my Christmas toy favourites well one of the main reasons is that a play kitchen allows space for imaginative play. The child is in its own world and playing in there can teach valuable lessons. Isn’t it great to see your child using its imagination? Some toys really lend themselves to imaginative play more than others. The kitchen is tops in this field.
Cooking needs counting skills, how many apples for the apple pie, it needs organisational skills, which task should I do first. Children will not need constant supervision in this kitchen as in the real kitchen. Nothing gets hot, as there is no gas or electricity connected. More than one child can use the kitchen at the same time, even children of different ages. As we know, sharing toys and other things is a life skill all children must learn.

Also, organisation and cleaning- if the child does not keep his or her kitchen tidy they won’t be able to find what they need. All kitchens must be cleaned, cleaning the kitchen after cooking can teach the child about cleanliness, and be a lot of bubbly fun too.
Working together with your child in the kitchen can also be a learning experience. The children can learn to recognise basic foods, like fruit and vegetables and how to identify colours. You can demonstrate the importance of counting, as well as increasing a child’s vocabulary. When playing alone or with friends in the kitchen, their imaginations are free to conjure up interesting situations for play.
In addition, kitchen things can be good things for others to buy as Christmas gifts when you get that difficult question. What can we buy him/her for Christmas? Aunts and uncles have loads of things to choose from.
If you are in the market for a more realistically coloured kitchen, why not try Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen Pretend Play Set – in Charcoal, more expensive but also larger.

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