Marble Run Roller Coaster

Hours of fun for boys and girls from 7 to 13 +

This toy has fantastic reviews from families with children from age 7 to age 13, and not just boys, girls love this too. Playing with the Marble Run Roller Coaster involves principles of mechanics and physics, such as gravity, speed, inertia and weight. Okay don’t tell the kids but it is uniquely educational! The kit allows the building of suspended tracks and really long runs for the marbles. You can use your own marbles or the ones which come with the set.
One of the great benefits of this toy is that when it goes together, quite easily, it stays together, while still being complicated enough to charm the older child. Children have to think what they are doing and the possibilities encourage them to experiment to get it all to work properly. The toy encourages concentration and cooperation as different layouts are tried out. Those more scientifically inclined can read the detailed instructions!! Perhaps a job for Dad.

Don’t forget a few extra marbles.

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