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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Don’t tell me you have never heard of Hatchimals. These magical little creatures which start life inside of eggs were the toy craze of 2016., and at $60.00 and more they need to be special. But now you do not have to pay $60 because the Hatichimals CollEGGtibles are here.

First of all, these are not recommended for small children, no one under five should really be given one of these toys, just as you would not give a furry living pet to a child under five without a huge amount of supervision. They can help a small child understand how to be gentle with living things.

And they are like living pets a little they hatch they squawks and waddle. When you first get your egg, you cannot tell who is inside, the only thing you can be sure of is that its colour will be the same as the speckles on the shell. The colours appeal to little girls love of pastels.

The Hatchimal will do nothing if it is left on the shelf. But when your child Loves and cares for their egg by touching it gently its eyes will light up and it will make cute sounds. As you hold them you will hear their heartbeats, tap the shell and they will tap back Eventually the eyes will look like rainbows and hatching will start. Your Hatchimal will have to peck its way out of the egg ,like a real baby bird, encouraged by the gentle touch of the child.

Once it has hatched your furry Hatchimal will go through three development stages stages, from baby to toddler, to child. It will sing ‘Hatchy Birthday’ at each new stage. They can walk, talk, dance and play games and be careful as it will repeat what you say .Ooops.

It’s basically a robot pet very similar to the Tamagotchi but with a softer appeal. The more the child plays with it the more it learns about the toy like what do the different eye colours mean. A buyer said this of the toy “A fantastic product, a great way of teaching my five-year-old grandson to take care of a pet, and he loved it.”

Last Christmas the big ones sold out early and prices became stupid, people playing over 100 dollars for a 60-dollar toy. Now I am not saying that these will sell out in anything like the same way but at around £17.00 these 1” high novelty items make a fantastic stocking filler and you might just get in ahead of this year’s trend.

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