Marble Run Roller Coaster

Hours of fun for boys and girls from 7 to 13 +

This toy has fantastic reviews from families with children from age 7 to age 13, and not just boys, girls love this too. Playing with the Marble Run Roller Coaster involves principles of mechanics and physics, such as gravity, speed, inertia and weight. Okay don’t tell the kids but it is uniquely educational! The kit allows the building of suspended tracks and really long runs for the marbles. You can use your own marbles or the ones which come with the set.
One of the great benefits of this toy is that when it goes together, quite easily, it stays together, while still being complicated enough to charm the older child. Children have to think what they are doing and the possibilities encourage them to experiment to get it all to work properly. The toy encourages concentration and cooperation as different layouts are tried out. Those more scientifically inclined can read the detailed instructions!! Perhaps a job for Dad.

Don’t forget a few extra marbles.

Trolls Interactive Poppy Doll

Does your little girl love to sing with her toys and her friends, the Trolls movie and interactive dolls? Yes, well if so then this toy is THE Christmas gift for her. The Princess Poppy doll is totally lovable. She does not just sit in the shelf she can also be really played with and she plays along with the child too. She can talk, 25 phrases, and sing the songs from the film, so that your little girl can chat and sing with her. She gives great hugs too, and is a lively companion for a lively and loving child.
You get the doll and a Hug Time bracelet in the pack and the bracelet is used to connect with the doll. It will also light up the dolls bracelet and her hair, which is brushable. Your Poppy Troll brings the happiness of the Troll village along with her and keeps memories of the film alive so that the scenes can be replayed and recreated by your child,
The package includes the doll, dress, tiara, comb, and interactive bracelet. I am sure you know a little girl who would appreciate this gift. 😊

LEGO 60139 “Mobile Command Center” Building Toy

Sally the Elf says – Lego has always been number one for imaginative play, even though this toy is sold as a kit, the imaginative child will always give it their own spin. The Mobile Command Center lends itself perfectly to imaginative play and of course it fits in with every other piece of Lego the child already owns, so the scope of the kit is ultimately extendable.
Two Police officers come equipped with a police dog to chase the two criminals and once they have been apprehended the police men can slap them in jail from whence of course the can stage a break out, using the chain and hook on the ATV. The policemen can give chase on the motorbike.
Your little police officer can stage his own runs of favourite cops and robber’s TV shows with his or her own special twists.
Imaginative, extendable, hours of fun play. Merry Christmas !!

Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen Pretend Play Set -Top for imaginative playtimes

Could Father Christmas carry a whole kitchen on his sleigh? Well if he chooses the Melissa and Doug wooden play kitchen, the answer is yes.
This kitchen has all the basics, including the kitchen sink, which a child needs for kitchen play. The sink is removable and there is a refrigerator, cook top, oven, and best of all, a working timer. Once assembled, no more difficult to assemble than self-assembly furniture. the size is 93.5 x 74 x 40.5 cm. Freestanding and very sturdy. In fact, small children have been known to climb on it safely, I would not recommend this. 😊
It is a quality toy, in good bold colours and is a good height, so children using it will not have to stoop. Just add a child, some utensils and foods, and off they go.
Why have I chosen a play kitchen as one of my Christmas toy favourites well one of the main reasons is that a play kitchen allows space for imaginative play. The child is in its own world and playing in there can teach valuable lessons. Isn’t it great to see your child using its imagination? Some toys really lend themselves to imaginative play more than others. The kitchen is tops in this field.
Cooking needs counting skills, how many apples for the apple pie, it needs organisational skills, which task should I do first. Children will not need constant supervision in this kitchen as in the real kitchen. Nothing gets hot, as there is no gas or electricity connected. More than one child can use the kitchen at the same time, even children of different ages. As we know, sharing toys and other things is a life skill all children must learn.

Also, organisation and cleaning- if the child does not keep his or her kitchen tidy they won’t be able to find what they need. All kitchens must be cleaned, cleaning the kitchen after cooking can teach the child about cleanliness, and be a lot of bubbly fun too.
Working together with your child in the kitchen can also be a learning experience. The children can learn to recognise basic foods, like fruit and vegetables and how to identify colours. You can demonstrate the importance of counting, as well as increasing a child’s vocabulary. When playing alone or with friends in the kitchen, their imaginations are free to conjure up interesting situations for play.
In addition, kitchen things can be good things for others to buy as Christmas gifts when you get that difficult question. What can we buy him/her for Christmas? Aunts and uncles have loads of things to choose from.
If you are in the market for a more realistically coloured kitchen, why not try Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen Pretend Play Set – in Charcoal, more expensive but also larger.


Salli the Elf recommends – Stocking Fillers 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Don’t tell me you have never heard of Hatchimals. These magical little creatures which start life inside of eggs were the toy craze of 2016., and at $60.00 and more they need to be special. But now you do not have to pay $60 because the Hatichimals CollEGGtibles are here.

First of all, these are not recommended for small children, no one under five should really be given one of these toys, just as you would not give a furry living pet to a child under five without a huge amount of supervision. They can help a small child understand how to be gentle with living things.

And they are like living pets a little they hatch they squawks and waddle. When you first get your egg, you cannot tell who is inside, the only thing you can be sure of is that its colour will be the same as the speckles on the shell. The colours appeal to little girls love of pastels.

The Hatchimal will do nothing if it is left on the shelf. But when your child Loves and cares for their egg by touching it gently its eyes will light up and it will make cute sounds. As you hold them you will hear their heartbeats, tap the shell and they will tap back Eventually the eyes will look like rainbows and hatching will start. Your Hatchimal will have to peck its way out of the egg ,like a real baby bird, encouraged by the gentle touch of the child.

Once it has hatched your furry Hatchimal will go through three development stages stages, from baby to toddler, to child. It will sing ‘Hatchy Birthday’ at each new stage. They can walk, talk, dance and play games and be careful as it will repeat what you say .Ooops.

It’s basically a robot pet very similar to the Tamagotchi but with a softer appeal. The more the child plays with it the more it learns about the toy like what do the different eye colours mean. A buyer said this of the toy “A fantastic product, a great way of teaching my five-year-old grandson to take care of a pet, and he loved it.”

Last Christmas the big ones sold out early and prices became stupid, people playing over 100 dollars for a 60-dollar toy. Now I am not saying that these will sell out in anything like the same way but at around £17.00 these 1” high novelty items make a fantastic stocking filler and you might just get in ahead of this year’s trend.

Baby’s First Christmas Teddy

Salli the Elf recommends:
My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear for Newborn – Soft Plush Toy (Blue or Pink)

Welcome to your first Christmas baby, I hope it will be a special time for you and your family.

Any grandparents about? Information for you follows.

One toy that no nursery should be without is a Teddy Bear, they have been hugely popular companions and presents for over a century. You might ask why is the Teddy Bear so important to a baby? Well, they have an extremely positive effect on babies’ health. Researchers say the Teddy becomes a transitional or comfort object to the baby. The presence of the Teddy with its familiar feel and smell eases stress and can provide security and confidence in new situations and alleviate anxiety in the child.

Look at its lovely round chubby face, a bear with round and chubby features is the best type of bear to have as it simulates the human face, infants even as young as new-borns prefer faces and face-like stimuli. The tendency to be attracted to faces increases with age, however, studies have suggested that babies may be able to recognize their   parents’ faces within days of birth. Attentiveness is another important feature as the bear should be looking at the child so a bear who can sit up and look straight at the baby is perfect for this feature.

The My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear is a perfect size for new-borns, at only 11 inches high and made from fantastic quality super soft plush fur, in the traditional brown colour. Your bear can be dressed in either pink or blue pyjamas so suitable for a boy or a girl. Never mind the colour, teddy bears are beneficial for your babies’ health.
Another great benefit of this cute toy is that you do not have to worry about sewn in eyes as the eyes are made from material and sewn on to the face of this little star gift. Grandparents nowadays who are looking for good value for money in their gifts cannot go wrong with this cute little one, at just £11.99 it will not break the bank.

Teddy bears are not only good for sleeping and cuddling they are the best companions a baby can have even from an early age. Give a My First Birth Baby 11″ Teddy Bear this Christmas and you give love for life.

While the general advice is not to leave soft toys in a crib or pram while baby sleeps, this little teddy will provide a comforting presence as the baby falls asleep and can easily be removed once sleep is established.